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We believe anyone can create masterpieces in design. To achieve this goal, you need only desire, diligence and discipline. We will take care of the rest.

We have developed a comprehensive training curriculum to master professional IT skills through practice.

IT Nova has been working in the field of IT education since 1999. We work closely with the major media companies. We know what kind of education is necessary for a successful start in the world of digital communications. Thanks to our unique curriculum and project-based approach, our students learn to solve real problems and are able to join the industry even during the training stage.

The value of our “Computer Graphic and Design” professional program is confirmed by thousands of Nova graduates who now work as qualified designers, artists and animators in the largest companies of 36 countries around the world.

Relevance, expertise, support

Relevance, expertise, support

The IT Nova training process is based on three essential components of effective education.

Current curriculum

The knowledge and skills that our students gain must meet the requirements of employers today and in the future. Therefore, we review and update our curriculum every 6 months.

Trainers with practical skills

IT Nova trainers are IT professionals with at least 5 years of experience. Our students receive only relevant knowledge and skills, applied in practice.

Friendly environment

We have created a special learning environment where trainers and students can communicate as partners, following one goal. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with comfortable workplaces, computers and licensed software.

Developed for

This program is developed to

Students (15-18 y.o)

who will receive their first certification in design

University students (18-23 y.o)

who desire a second specialty in parallel with their university education.

Representatives of other professions (23-55 y.o.)

who are not satisfied with their current careers and financial potential, and wish to train as a designer for an in demand profession

Those who wish to augment their qualifications

structure their skills and gain high in demand working knowledge

You will receive

After 2.5 years students of IT Nova will receive

Maximal practical training

Nova educational process is practice based . We do not have boring lectures; our students are not required to write lecture summaries. All study materials are available on a modern and convenient online platform. Student can study at any place and at any time.

Completed portfolio

By choosing this direction, you will not only become a certified graphic designer, illustrator or 3D animator, but also develop your own portfolio that will help show your talent to a future employer. The ability to think creatively and visualize your own ideas will make you an invaluable professional and help you choose the right vector in shaping yourself as a professional designer.

Employment Assistance

Less theory, more practice! We clearly know that to be successfully employed, you need to have strong practical skils. Through creative tasks, develop your product design from zero to the final launch, enabling a successful start in this area.

Why does the program lasts for 2.5 years, not just 3 months?

Often short courses promise to train a beginner into a qualified professional in just 3-4 months. This is either a lie or an incompetent statement. In such a short period of time, one can learn some basics, but not serious practical skills. After such courses, designers will only be able to perform simple and low-paid tasks and need to learn more on their own in order to advance, constantly filling gaps in this basic education. Many self-taught designers regret that they did not receive fundamental education at the very beginning of their careers. Our professional "Computer Graphic and Design" program covers all the necessary subjects for a professional designer. The program is designed for 2.5 years, or 5 terms. We are confident that this is the right duration to gain the skills and necessary experience to become a high in-demand professional designer



The core principle of IT Nova is to follow the latest trends in the IT industry. Our training covers the most sought-after areas of design.

  • Drawing, art history, the most important stages of development and modern design styles
  • Design and advertising design: creation, psychology of promotion, identity and branding
  • Professional photos and raster image editing in Adobe Photoshop
  • Working with vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator
  • Typography: principles of design of printed text, ergonomics and style
  • Adobe InDesign. Prepress
  • Digital photography. Experience of photoshooting in a studio with professional equipment, portrait retouching, product photography
  • Creating static and dynamic websites: HTML 5 and CSS 3 languages, tools for development, promotion and monetization.
  • Content Management Systems for Websites
  • Usability and ergonomics of websites. UI / UX design
  • SEO and digital marketing
  • Interactive animation with JavaScript and WebGL
  • 3D Graphics in Autodesk 3ds Max: creation of 3D-objects, polygonal and spline modeling
  • Visualization of the interior and exterior. Landscape Design
  • Systems of automated design with Autodesk AutoCAD, work with drawings
  • 3D Animation: Modeling, Visualization and Animation in Autodesk Maya
  • Video creation and processing, non-linear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • CGI, VFX and post-production with Adobe AfterEffects
  • Working with digital sound, sound processing and mixing
  • Working with raster graphics in Adobe Photoshop.
You will be able

Upon graduation of the course you will be able to

  • create and develop brands - guidelines and brand books, corporate identity and design elements, signs, logos and other brand assets
  • create advertising materials- layouts for posters, signatures, billboards- using different creative techniques and design software
  • Photography using advanced digital technologies- photo editing and post-processing, professional portrait photoshooting and photographic collages, night and macro photography
  • Create layouts for printed publications- newspapers, magazines, books, advertising printed materials, including prepress
  • Design, create and promote static and dynamic websites- from the simplest business card websites to large online stores
  • Create interactive elements of web pages, dynamic menus and control tools, embed video clips using Adobe Animate
  • Participate in the development of computer games.
  • Create and edit video clips, combine and synchronize video with sound, manage technical process of video transcription
  • Create 3D images using the latest modeling and visualization technologies
  • Interior and exterior design, visualization in environment
  • Design interfaces for mobile and desktop applications. Design user experience
  • Create animated movies using 2D or 3D animations and professional special effects

How we teach

The training process in Nova is focused on developing practical professional skills without any distraction: no written exams, no memorizing, only specific tests for self-assessment.

Our graduates receive an international diploma from the IT Nova

and certificates from the IT industry leaders.


Companies where the Nova graduates work

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